About Us


E-LOOPS Limited is a UK IT consulting firm founded in 2006, we have been providing world class IT consultancy services since then. We have a strong background in business analysis, database design/development, application design/development, IT security and testing services.


We operate on a practical but straightforward system that provides knowledge and insight on how to use the latest technology to your advantage. Our IT solution includes identifying hidden loopholes and brainstorming on how to take advantage of your competitors’ weaknesses.


The solutions we provide will not only assist you in taking advantage of new opportunities but also ensure you provide better value and experience for your customers.


Working with us


At E- LOOPS Limited, we are committed to helping you meet your business goals. To ensure we exceed your expectations, we adopted the use of the two effective models.


Rapid application development


No business can survive without a strong customer base; hence, customers’ feedback is critical for every organization. Our Rapid Application Development model places a premium on testing, upgrading and retesting your business methodology based on your customer’s feedback.


You don’t have to spend time planning and brainstorming but continuously learning from the lapses in your products/services and closing the gap. RAD brings flexibility to your business and grows your business, especially when used for the right business/project. 


Agile methodology


A business will be successful if it adopts the right system. However, developing an effective strategy for a business can be challenging, especially for a start-up. With the use of the Agile methodology, this process becomes much easier and faster. 


Using the Agile method, we would assist you in identifying opportunities and create a better direction for your business/project during its developmental stage.


This approach also enables us to support your team in creating fast and unpredictable feedback to the response they get on their projects. Using the agile methodology, we would provide insight on the most suitable technology/software for your business.